A new special issue from Interweave has found its way to the shop: take a peek inside Felted.


Felted covers all manner of felt crafts, from needle felting and wet felting to stitching with felt, whether found or created.


Some of these projects begin with yarn and knitting needles and are then wet-felted in the washing machine; others are constructed from woven Zoom Loom squares. Some begin with thrifted sweaters, mined for feltable knit fabric; others begin with ready-made felt fabric, or colorful wool roving. What they all have in common is felt, which is a sturdy compressed wool fabric full of possibilities.


Look for Felted on the teacart with the newest books and magazines. See you at the shop!

New books for all.

We’re halfway through our Annual Inventory Sale, and folks have been taking advantage of our 15% discount in many different ways. Some are stocking up on their favorite needles, others are snapping up Cricket Looms (which are now temporarily out of stock!), and still more are planning ahead for holiday gift-making, while there’s still plenty of time to start and complete those gifts. Here’s another idea: treat yourself to a few new books this month, for a book is another kind of indulgence, one that can instruct and inspire.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve received new publications for all kinds of crafts. For weavers, 100 Pin Loom Squares shows the many possibilities of Schacht’s Zoom Loom.


For crocheters, we have two new titles. Colorful Crochet Lace is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of brightly colored crocheted garments and accessories in openwork patterns.


Honk! Beep! Vroom! is a book of crocheted toy vehicles with wheels that actually turn.


Knitters, meanwhile, should peruse Sheryl Thies’ Slip-Stitch Knits, and Amy Herzog’s newest book, Knit Wear Love.


Knit Wear Love is a collection of basic sweater shapes in a range of gauges, with lots of useful tips about modifying those basic shapes to make unique sweaters that suit your personal style.



Come by the shop to check out the latest publications, and do so during July to shop our entire inventory at 15% off!


Just a reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, returns, or special orders. Thanks!

Schacht Zoom Loom.

Last week, we announced that the Hillsborough Yarn Shop has become a Schacht dealer, and I promised a closer look at the Schacht products we carry. First up: the Zoom Loom.


The Zoom Loom is Schacht’s littlest loom, a pin loom for weaving small squares of fabric. It comes with clear instructions, and is accessible enough for weavers-to-be from age 10 on up.


Anne has been experimenting with the Zoom Loom, learning to use it and seeing what happens when different fibers and gauges of yarn are used.


What to do with these squares? On their own they can be coasters, or sewn on as pockets. When you make a slew of them, they can be pieced together into scarves, shawls, bags, holiday ornaments, pincushions, blankets, and more. The Schacht website is full of ideas and inspiration for the Zoom Loom, and you’ll find others on our Pinterest “Weaving” board.


The clever Deb Essen, of DJE Handwovens, has come up with another use for Zoom Loom squares: Swatch Critters! Her kits include yarn and instruction for transforming a stack of squares into a stuffed sheep, frog, or dragon, among other creatures. A Zoom Loom and Swatch Critter kit would make a stellar gift this holiday season!


Intrigued? Come by the shop to get a closer look at our weaving supplies. Try your hand at pin-loom weaving on our display Zoom Loom, which has a square in progress, ready to weave. Keep your eye on the blog in the coming weeks for a closer look at the Schacht Cricket Loom. In the meantime, see you at the shop!

Hello, Schacht.

Every year at TNNA, we look out for surprising new things, things we didn’t know we were looking for until we found them. This past May, we were wandering the aisles at market when we spied a handweaver’s booth that piqued our curiosity. Before I knew it, we were placing an order with Schacht, dipping our toes in the shallow end of a whole new craft: weaving.


Schacht Spindle Co. has been designing and producing handweaving and handspinning equipment in Colorado since 1969. They make spinning wheels, yarn winding tools, and all kinds of looms, from little pin looms to rigid heddle looms to magnificent table and floor looms.


We’re thrilled to announce that the Hillsborough Yarn Shop is now a Schacht dealer, and we’ve started small, stocking our shelves with Zoom Looms, Cricket Looms, and some Cricket accessories. We also selected some books and dvds on the subject, dedicating a cubby to weaving resources. There are kits for the Zoom Loom, too, for making little stuffed creatures out of woven squares.


Keep your eye on the blog for a closer look at the Zoom Loom and the Cricket Loom in the coming weeks. Come by the shop to see our new little weaving section, and get started weaving with one of these simple looms. Already a weaver? Tell us more about your craft: what products you’d most like to see on our shelves, what yarns you love to work with, what books you’d recommend. We’re happy to special order anything in the Schacht catalog, as well–let us know what you’re looking for. See you at the shop!