Little Looms.

A special issue of Handwoven Magazine has arrived! Let’s look inside Little Looms. Little Looms is all about weaving on rigid heddle looms, pin looms, inkle looms, and others. It features patterns and project ideas for all of these little looms, along with articles on choosing yarns and designing woven art. Come by the shop … [more]


The latest issue of Handwoven magazine is here! This issue focuses on mixing yarns of varied weights for different effects. I was so happy to spot this feature by Kate Gagnon Osborn, of Kelbourne Woolens, about weaving with Fibre Company yarns like Meadow, Cumbria Worsted, Road to China Lace, Acadia, and Canopy Fingering. Both halves of … [more]

New, for weavers.

Over the past week or so, we’ve gotten a couple of new weaving-related items in stock. First up, we’ve got the latest issue of Handwoven magazine, which focuses on weaving with linen. Projects include wearables, like the log cabin wrap above, and lots of home goods, like napkins and kitchen towels. Handwoven always includes projects … [more]

Learn to weave!

Since we first became a Schacht dealer back in November, we’ve connected with lots of lovely weavers and watched as many of our knitters and crocheters became weavers, as well. We’ve brought in UKI Supreme cotton weaving yarns in three weights, started carrying Handwoven magazine, reordered Schacht Cricket Looms again and again, and placed special … [more]


The May/June 2015 issue of Handwoven has arrived! This issue is dedicated to texture in weaving, with articles and projects focused on techniques and materials that create interesting textures in woven fabric. One such project is Judy Pagels’ “Classic Capelet,” which can be woven on a Schacht Cricket Loom, and calls for one of our … [more]

Hello, Handwoven.

We’re delighted to announce that we now carry Handwoven Magazine! Handwoven is an Interweave publication dedicated to handweaving in its many forms, and on many kinds of looms. Inside you’ll find articles on particular techniques and weaving traditions from around the world, along with projects that put those techniques and traditions to work. I was … [more]

New colors in Acadia.

Fibre Company recently introduced new colors in Acadia, a luxurious blend of merino wool, silk, and alpaca. We’ve carried Acadia for a few years now, and always delight in adding a new color or two. It’s amazing how just a few new shades deepen the color palette. Suddenly instead of one gray, we have a warm gray and … [more]

Back in stock: Cricket looms.

Our first round of Schacht Cricket looms sold out quickly over the holidays, so we ordered twice as many for our second batch, which I’m happy to say are now here at the shop. Two of them were purchased the moment they came in. You guessed it: Anne and I each have Crickets of our own … [more]

Hello, UKI Supreme weaving yarns.

We’re happy to announce that we now carry two cotton yarns for weaving from UKI Supreme Corporation, based in Hickory, North Carolina. With guidance from weavers, we selected a mercerized cotton yarn in two weights: 10/2 and 5/2, each in 6 oz mini-cones. The 10/2 is the thinner of the two, with ~1575 yards per … [more]

Schacht Cricket Loom.

Last week, we announced that the Hillsborough Yarn Shop has become a Schacht dealer, and I promised a closer look at the Schacht products we carry. Over the weekend, I put the Zoom Loom in the spotlight here on the blog. Next up: the Cricket Loom. The Cricket Loom is a small and simple rigid heddle loom, … [more]