The Nordic Knitting Primer, by Kristin Drysdale.

We’re excited to have a new book on the teacart here at the shop – let’s take a look at Kristin Drysdale’s Nordic Knitting Primer! Drysdale is a designer known for colorwork patterns inspired by her Scandinavian heritage. This is her first book, a step-by-step guide to Scandinavian colorwork, with patterns for all ages and … [more]

Argyll’s Secret Coast, by Kate Davies.

Kate Davies’ newest book is here! Let’s look inside Argyll’s Secret Coast. Argyll’s Secret Coast ($30)is a collection of essays and knitting patterns exploring the history and landscape of its namesake. “Geographically proximate to lowland Scotland but topographically distinct,” writes Davies, “Cowal is a landscape of hidden places, surprising stories, many secrets.” Ever the scholar, … [more]

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 21: Brioche.

The twenty first installment of the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide series is here! MDK’s series of Field Guides are pocket-sized booklets focused on a particular theme, knitting technique, or designer. This newest Field Guide is an introduction to brioche, featuring designs by master of the technique, Nancy Marchant – let’s take a look inside! Brioche … [more]

Painting Shawls, by Stephen West.

Exciting news – Stephen West’s latest book is here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop! Let’s take a look at Painting Shawls. Painting Shawls ($40) is a collection of 13 shawl patterns from Stephen West, a designer known for bold color choices and intriguing shawl construction and techniques. Each of these patterns features a main color framing … [more]

Traditions Revisited: Modern Estonian Knits, by Aleks Byrd.

Let’s peek inside the newest book from Laine! Traditions Revisited: Modern Estonian Knits is designer Aleks Byrd’s introduction to Estonian knitting techniques, a collection of richly textured garments and accessories. Knitted fringe, braids, and bobbles adorn these colorful pieces, along with twisted stitches and roosimine, an Estonian inlay technique that creates the look of embroidery. … [more]

Meadow, by Marie Wallin.

We often get requests for books by Marie Wallin, a British designer known for her colorwork patterns. They seem to sell out as fast as they come in, but we’re happy to report that Marie Wallin’s Meadow is back in stock! Meadow is Wallin’s second collection of designs made with Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift. It’s one of our … [more]

Knit 2 Socks in 1, by Safiyyah Talley.

Safiyyah Talley’s first book is here! Let’s take a look inside Knit 2 Socks in 1. In Knit 2 Socks in 1, Safiyyah Talley introduces a new method for knitting socks, designed to be unintimidating and fun. Her technique entails knitting one long tube, then using lifelines to separate that tube into two socks, finishing … [more]

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 20: Atlas.

The twentieth installment of the Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide series is here! Let’s take a peek inside. MDK Field Guide No. 20 features patterns by Erika Knight, a British knit and crochet designer with a taste for accessible yet enticing projects. A patchwork blanket, an entrelac tote, a balaclava, a textured scarf, and a boxy … [more]

Handcraft, by Helga Isager and Jóna Thórunnardóttir.

We’re delighted to have a beautiful new book from Isager – let’s take a look at Handcraft! From designers Helga Isager and Jóna Thórunnardóttir, Handcraft is an elegant hardcover book of mittens and gloves. It includes a basic pattern for mittens and another for gloves, then offers different edgings, stitch patterns, yarn combinations, and other variations … [more]