“SAWA” in Brooklyn Tweed Imbue Sport.

We try to have a handmade sample in every yarn we carry, to give folks an idea of how the yarn knits up, and inspiration for how to use it. When the time came to make a sample in Brooklyn Tweed’s newest yarn, Imbue Sport, Bailey got the coveted assignment.

Here’s her “SAWA” shawl, a brand new pattern from Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Knit in 3 colors, “SAWA” features bold texture and eye-catching shapes made with slip stitches, exactly the kind of sculptural or architectural knitwear Buraya-Kefelian is known for. Check out her MDK Field Guide, we still have copies at the shop!

Imbue Sport’s elasticity is ideal for a highly textured pattern like this, and its softness just right for something wrapped around the neck. Bailey picked greens and blues, a trio of light, medium, and dark.

Here are some more “SAWA” color ideas…

Look for Brooklyn Tweed Imbue Sport in the sport weight section here at our shop, and be sure to admire Bailey’s “SAWA” when you visit!

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