New year’s eve.

2021 was a big year here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, filled with exciting new yarnsbooksprojects, and other goodies. After being closed to walk-ins for 17 months, we reopened in August and have loved having folks back in the shop! We won the title of “Best Yarn Store” in the Triangle again, celebrated our fifteenth year in business, and worked every day toward our goal of bringing the best quality yarns, tools, and publications to the wonderful community of knitters, crocheters, and weavers that we feel lucky to serve.

On this last day of the year, I’m hunkered down with my modified “Docklight,” a sweater I’ve been working on since Brooklyn Tweed Tones arrived back in August. I’ve picked up a handful of new creative practices in the last couple of years – quilting, rug-braiding, garment sewing – and though I still knit regularly, I’m not going as quickly as I once did. Sometimes the parade of new books, patterns, and yarns finds me yearning to cast on for something new, but mostly I’m getting comfortable watching the parade go by as I patiently knit on my red sweater. When it’s done, I’ll have room for a new project, and til then, I’m just enjoying the process.

Here’s to the promise of a new year and new projects, working at our own pace, whatever that may be. Happy new year!


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