Hello, Lang Cashmere Premium!

A brand new yarn has arrived – meet Lang Cashmere Premium!

Lang Cashmere Premium:

  • DK weight
  • 100% cashmere
  • 126 yards/25 g
  • $28 each

It’s been quite some time since we kept a 100% cashmere yarn in stock here at HYS. We’ve had a few that were discontinued, one by one, and so many other fibers that were luxuriously soft – alpaca, silk, and merino wool, to name a few. But enough people inquired that we felt compelled to seek out a new cashmere yarn, and when Anne got her hands on a sample ball of Lang Cashmere Premium, the choice was made.

Lang Cashmere is not sourced from a specific breed of goat, but rather from the long, fine undercoat of around 20 different subspecies of domestic goats. The soft and delicate cashmere hair is carefully combed out by hand, yielding just 200-380g of raw fiber from each animal.

Cashmere is known for its exquisite softness, of course, but also for being especially warm – yarn like this is best for smaller accessories, to make the most of each precious yard. Anne ordered Churchmouse’s “Cashmere Beret” pattern to go with Lang Cashmere Premium, a perfect pairing of yarn and pattern.

When it came to the shop sample, Anne, Bailey and I all agreed – it has to be something worn around the neck! I’m using two balls of Cashmere Premium to knit a “Scarf No. 4,” by My Favorite Things, and each stitch is decadent.

Here are some other pattern ideas!

Look for Lang Cashmere Premium in the DK weight section here at our shop!

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