The latest issue of Handwoven magazine is here!


This issue focuses on mixing yarns of varied weights for different effects.


I was so happy to spot thisĀ feature by Kate Gagnon Osborn, of Kelbourne Woolens, about weaving with Fibre Company yarns like Meadow, Cumbria Worsted, Road to China Lace, Acadia, and Canopy Fingering.


Both halves of the Kelbourne Woolens’ team have backgrounds in weaving, and I’m thrilled to see it applied to these wonderful yarns that we’re used to seeing in a knit or crochet context.


Those of you who follow us on Instagram may already know that Schacht Cricket Looms are back in stock, along with Zoom Looms and copies of the inspiring Weavers Idea Book. Come by the shop to pick up a copy of Handwoven and plan your next weaving project!

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