Cocoknits Needle Gauge.

Cocoknits’ new needle gauge is now in stock!

This compact and cleverly designed gadget is beautiful and practical, a rainbow stack of connected discs for sizing knitting needles between sizes US 0 – 15. Julie Weisenberger, knitwear designer and founder of Cocoknits, was inspired by a jeweler’s tool for sizing diamonds.

It’s made of PLA, a 100% biodegradable, plant-based plastic substitute, and costs $15.

Our own HYS needle gauge is much larger, by comparison, but covers a wider range of needle sizes and costs only $5. We’re happy to have both in stock, since different knitters have different preferences when it comes to tools of the trade, and some of us like having both in our notions bag.

We have lots of other Cocoknits notions in stock – all kinds of stitch markers, Maker’s Keeps, Accessory Rolls, Stitch Stoppers, Stitch Fixers, Claw Clips, Natural Mesh Bags, and more. You can see all of these notions and then some on our Instagram highlights. Order online for local pickup or USPS Priority Mail shipping!

Akerworks Swatch Gauge and Knitting Tool Kit.

The Akerworks Swatch Gauge is among our favorite notions, and we’re delighted to have a new batch of them on our shelves!

The Swatch Gauge is a tool for measuring gauge, a heavy plastic one with cut-outs for counting how many stitches or rows make four inches, horizontally and vertically. We first read about it on Knitter’s Review, where Clara Parkes’ enthusiasm for the product caught our eye.

The defining feature of the Akerworks Swatch Gauge is what Clara Parkes refers to as “honesty teeth.” These little teeth hold your fabric flat as you measure, simultaneously discouraging you from tugging or smoothing it this way or that to get gauge under false pretenses. We’ve all done it – you really want to get gauge, after all! – and knitted fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate our wishful thinking. This Swatch Gauge allows you to count stitches and rows hands-free for the least-biased gauge measurement possible. What a brilliant design!

The clever folks at Akerworks have also developed something new, a Knitting Tool Kit. Like a Swiss army knife for knitters, this gadget is many tools in one: a Swatch Gauge, a needle gauge, a notions case with a tape measure, mini scissors, and magnetized pockets with darning needles and locking stitch markers.

Look for the Akerworks Swatch Gauge and Knitting Tool Kit in our notions department. Pick up one for yourself, of course, but also remember them as gifts for the knitters in your life. See you at the shop!

HYS Needle Gauges.

Hillsborough Yarn Shop needle gauges are back in stock!

Our needle gauges are made for us here in the US by Nancy’s Knit Knacks, and feature holes for measuring needles from 1.50 mm to 19 mm, or US 000 – US 35.

We love and trust these gauges because of how many sizes they cover, and also because they include both millimeters and US sizes, which do not always line up the same way from brand to brand. An Addi US 1 is not the same size as a Knitter’s Pride US 1, for example – Addi’s US 1 is 2.50 mm and Knitter’s Pride’s US 1 is 2.25 mm. When in doubt, check the measurement in millimeters!

Every notions case and project bag needs one of these, for double-checking needle size, comparing millimeters to US sizes, or measuring swatches. Look for them in our notions section here at the shop!