Cocoknits Needle Gauge.

Cocoknits’ new needle gauge is now in stock!

This compact and cleverly designed gadget is beautiful and practical, a rainbow stack of connected discs for sizing knitting needles between sizes US 0 – 15. Julie Weisenberger, knitwear designer and founder of Cocoknits, was inspired by a jeweler’s tool for sizing diamonds.

It’s made of PLA, a 100% biodegradable, plant-based plastic substitute, and costs $15.

Our own HYS needle gauge is much larger, by comparison, but covers a wider range of needle sizes and costs only $5. We’re happy to have both in stock, since different knitters have different preferences when it comes to tools of the trade, and some of us like having both in our notions bag.

We have lots of other Cocoknits notions in stock – all kinds of stitch markers, Maker’s Keeps, Accessory Rolls, Stitch Stoppers, Stitch Fixers, Claw Clips, Natural Mesh Bags, and more. You can see all of these notions and then some on our Instagram highlights. Order online for local pickup or USPS Priority Mail shipping!


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