Isager Archives KAL: “Inge Sweater” color ideas.

Our first Isager Archives KAL meeting was on Wednesday evening, and we had a great time knitting along together! It’s not too late to join us – we’ll gather again on March 27, from 5-7pm, click here for all the details. Anne, Bailey and I have all settled on the same pattern, Lene Holme Samsøe’s “Inge Sweater,” but our colors and yarn choices vary.

Anne made her first swatches using a mix of Isager Jensen, Brooklyn Tweed Imbue Worsted, and a single ply alpaca from deep in her personal collection. She’s not happy with the fabric yet, and just cast on for a new swatch replacing the Imbue Worsted with more Jensen… looking forward to seeing it!

Bailey’s “Inge Sweater” is most similar to the color combination in the pattern, but her yarn choice is unique – a mix of Sandnes Garn Sunday, Isager Tvinni, and Jensen.

For my “Inge Sweater,” I’m using a DK weight wool that was gifted to me years ago for the main color, and two shades of Jensen for the contrast colors.

Inspired to join us and knit an “Inge Sweater” of your own? Here are more color ideas in Isager Jensen!

I’m picturing the three combinations above with the lightest color in the background, as in Samsøe’s pattern photos, and the combinations below with the darkest color in the background, though they could be arranged any way you like.

I love the toothy, rustic texture of Jensen, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – if a softer, more economical yarn is your preference, try Kelbourne Woolens Scout!

Look for these and other suitable yarns for “Inge” in our DK weight section here at the shop. We’re happy to help you find the perfect yarn for your project!

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