Laine Magazine, No. 9.

We recently welcomed another beautiful new issue of Laine Magazine, their ninth. Let’s look inside!

Laine Magazine is a publication out of Finland, a knitting and lifestyle magazine with a love of natural fibers as its focus, and a reputation for beautiful designs and tantalizing photography.

The editors of Laine have recently shared that they’re taking a break from producing the magazine, and that this issue may be their last. We’ve loved seeing Laine grow over the past few years, and hope that slowing down will allow them to continue to create this special publication.

Inside this issue of Laine, you’ll find lovely things to knit, a travel guide to Munich, tasty-looking things to cook, essays and profiles of fiber artists from all over the world, too. One such profile, of knitwear designer and teacher Lavanya Patricella, has been edited since going to print – please read the current version on Laine’s website, along with statements from Lavanya Patricella and Laine about the changes.

Two familiar yarns showed up in this issue – Marianne Munier’s “Lumi” is knit with Brooklyn Tweed Loft, and North Carolina designer Rachel Brockman’s “Pinaceae” is knit with Fibre Company Lore.

Come by the shop to page through Laine – at the moment, we have issues 7, 8, and 9 available.

While you’re here, take some time to browse our other books and magazines as well – there are so many new publications to see this month. We hope you find inspiration here!

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