The May/June 2015 issue of Handwoven has arrived!


This issue is dedicated to texture in weaving, with articles and projects focused on techniques and materials that create interesting textures in woven fabric.


One such project is Judy Pagels’ “Classic Capelet,” which can be woven on a Schacht Cricket Loom, and calls for one of our favorite yarns, Isager Alpaca 2.


Some projects require large floor looms, but others call for simpler looms, which can be constructed from hula hoops or cardboard. The range of projects reflects the many possibilities that this new-to-us craft offers, and we’re excited to see more weavers and their projects coming to the shop!


Weavers and weavers-to-be, come by to pick up a copy of Handwoven and check out our selection of weaving yarns, books, and small looms!

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