New colors in Modern Cotton.

Berroco has dreamed up a few new colors for their Modern Cotton yarn, filling out their palette of crayon-bright colors with some more subdued hues.


Berroco Modern Cotton is a worsted weight blend of cotton and rayon, and since it’s arrival last spring, it’s become a staple here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop.


Smooth, soft to the touch, economical, and machine-washable, Modern Cotton has been embraced by knitters and crocheters alike.


It’s perfect for baby sweaters, blankets, and the like, but just as well-suited to grown-up garments like the ones you’ll find in Berroco’s new booklet: #358, Modern Cotton Women.


Last year, designer Amy Christoffers took over Norah Gaughan’s position as┬áDesign Director for Berroco, and this collection has a distinct Christoffers look to my eye.


Christoffers seems to specialize in casual, wearable garments, especially those decorated in texture patterns and small lace motifs.

DSCN4058 DSCN4057

Look for Berroco Modern Cotton in the worsted weight section here at the shop; you’ll find this booklet tucked in the cubby with the yarn. See you there!


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