New books from Leisure Arts.

Leisure Arts is a publishing company that specializes in accessible how-to books on a wide range of crafts. We recently stocked up on some knitting and crochet books from Leisure Arts, from the very basic skills to more advanced techniques like entrelac and cables.


With Leisure Arts publications, you can count on clear diagrams and photos to illustrate the techniques in question, along with some patterns that make use of those techniques.


We also got a book on crocheted snowflakes, having just wrapped up a popular class on the subject, and a book of simple children’s sweater patterns.




Pick the Pieces, by Lorna Miser, is a collection of patterns, but also a collection of pattern elements: different sleeves, collars, pockets, necklines, etc. Miser encourages you to mix and match those elements to create exactly the sweater you want in sizes 6 months – 6 years.


Come by the shop to check out the latest books and magazines, and plan your next project!

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