Botanical Knits.

For the past few months, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the newest collection of patterns by Alana Dakos, the West coast half of Coastal Knits. We’d previewed the patterns on Ravelry, admired the twelve designs that make up the new book, and tried to be patient until it was published and we could hold it in our hands. Now, it’s here: Botanical Knits, by Alana Dakos.


Just like Coastal Knits before it, Botanical Knits is beautiful both as a collection of knitting patterns and as a book.




The layout and photography are as inviting as the patterns themselves, each one inspired by foliage of one kind or another. Tiny knitted leaves are scattered throughout the book, made in each yarn Dakos used in the collection, and at the end, there’s a pattern showing how to knit leaves of your own.


I was even charmed by the schematics, which use tiny photos of the garments to show their measurements instead of the typical line drawings.




Come by the shop to see this gorgeous pattern collection, and to plan a botanical knit of your own. See you there!


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