We don’t actually keep track of which books are “bestsellers” at the shop, but after a while, when we start to ask each other, “How many times have we reordered this one?” it’s clear that a favorite book has surfaced. Our most recent shipment of books was full of these favorites, these bestsellers, if you will. They’re a motley crew, running the gamut from pattern collections to technical resources, stitch dictionaries to children’s stories. These are books that Anne and I frequently recommend because they’re books we love, and use ourselves.


From the top of this stack to the bottom: we’ve offered a handful of classes on Marianne Isager’s Japanese Inspired Knits over the years, and Anne’s bright red Fan sweater made in Colinette Jitterbug has knitters reaching for this book again and again.


The ever-inspiring Stole in Isager Alpaca 2 comes from Wearwithall, a clever little collection of patterns. When people ask me what my favorite sock book is, I always recommend Clara Parkes’ incredible Knitter’s Book of Socksfor the wealth of sock-making information as well as the patterns therein. Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knit One Knit All is a favorite of mine, too–I’ve made a few things out of the book, and spent many hours just admiring her drawings, paintings, and fabulous prose.


I gave my niece a copy of Woolbur for her third birthday, the sweet and funny story of a nonconformist sheep. And that brings us to the very bottom of the pile of books I photographed as I unpacked them–Hannah Fettig’s Knitbot Essentials is there, packed with wearable, simply-styled garments, one of which Anne is currently knitting.




We also got copies of Knitter’s Companion, Cast On Bind Off, and 365 Knitting Stitches a Year back in stock. None of these books beckon knitters with pretty pictures, or garments to make; instead, they are reference books, resources we turn to when we’re unsure about a particular technique, curious about a cast-on, or seeking a stitch pattern. They all happen to be spiral-bound, which also gives an indication of their no-frills user-friendliness.

Come by the shop to browse our bestsellers, and all our other knitting and crochet books, as well. There are so many that we love to use and recommend; what are your favorites?


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