Berroco Portfolio, Vol. 1.


This fall marks the 10th anniversary of Berroco’s now-classic Ultra Alpaca yarn, a soft and sturdy blend of wool and alpaca. To celebrate, they’ve published a beautiful pattern collection showcasing the full range of Ultra Alpaca, from the fingering weight Ultra Alpaca Fine to the bulky weight Ultra Alpaca Chunky. Take a peek inside Berroco Portfolio, Vol. 1.



Berroco Portfolio, Vol. 1  features patterns from independent knitwear designers, the likes of Bristol Ivy, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Martina Behm, and Thea Colman. 

Berroco sent along a sample of Thea Colman’s contribution, a seamless cardigan with texture panels called “Rye.” The pattern photo shows it in a heathered green shade of Ultra Alpaca, and our sample is in a no less fetching red. Come by the shop to take a closer look, or try it on for size.



Ultra Alpaca is a rare blend of luxury and practicality, a quality yarn for a reasonable price. We’re celebrating its 10 year anniversary by putting bags and bags of it on our shelves, refilling favorite colors and adding some new ones, too.








Our stash of Ultra Alpaca Chunky has also grown, just in time for cold weather stitching.


Berroco Portfolio, Vol. 1 has a few great patterns for Ultra Alpaca Chunky, too.

DSCN5050 DSCN5051

Come by the shop to plan some cozy fall and winter projects, and consider Ultra Alpaca when you do. See you there!


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