New yarns from Alchemy.

We’ve just received the first of the new yarns we ordered at TNNA, and I’m happy to report that they are just as exciting in the shop as they were at market! Anne and I unpacked these new colors and yarns from Alchemy on Saturday, admiring them one by one and in endless combinations.


We reordered some favorite colors in Silken Straw and Sanctuary, and of course selected some new shades in each.


We’ve also added two new yarns to our Alchemy collection here at the shop, Sparky and Lust. Sparky is like Silken Straw dressed up with a metallic strand wrapped around it, and Lust is a fingering weight blend of wool and silk, a lighter-weight Sanctuary. Both are gloriously, lovingly hand-dyed in Alchemy’s signature colorways by the talented Gina Wilde.


I’ll give Sparky and Lust their proper introduction in future blog posts, but for today I’ll just say–they’re here, ready to be put to use in garments and accessories, shibori felting projects, lace patterns, and so much more. Come by the shop to take a peek at all the new yarns and colors from Alchemy!


    • Thanks, Catherine! We’re so enamored of Alchemy yarns, we just couldn’t leave market without ordering Sparky. Looking forward to seeing you at the shop again soon!

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