New colors from Shibui.

This fall, Shibui introduced a new yarn, Echo, but they also added two new colors to nearly every line of yarn they make.

Deep Water is a blue green shade, leaning more towards blue than Fjord or Cove, two similar colors from Shibui.

Dusk is a slippery color, looking navy in some lights and purple or gray in others. Shibui excels in creating interesting neutrals, and I think this color qualifies.

Shibui has also expanded the color palettes of several yarns to include Bone and White, introduced to their spring and summer yarns earlier in the year.

Since we sort our yarns by gauge here at the shop, you’ll find these new colors sprinkled all around. Look for Pebble, Cima, Silk Cloud, and Lunar in the lace weight corner, Birch in the sport weight section, Maai hanging on the DK tree, and Drift in a worsted weight cubby.

See you at the shop!

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