New colors from Shibui.

This spring, Shibui introduced a new yarn, Fern, but they also added three new colors to nearly every line of yarn they make.¬†First is White, a brighter white than Shibui’s existing Ivory.

You can see from the photo above that White varies from yarn to yarn, looking bleached and bright in Rain and Lunar, but somewhat creamier in Silk Cloud, Twig, and Cima – it always fascinates me to see how different fibers take the dye, or in this case, its absence. Many Shibui patterns call for two yarns held together, where these subtle differences will blend in interesting ways.

Next is Bone, a warm off-white. With the variation across yarns, it’s a little tricky to distinguish White from Bone in these photos, but it’s much more clear when you separate them by yarn type.

Here are all three new colors in Twig, with Shore at the very top – a clear sky blue.

Since we sort our yarns by gauge here at the shop, you’ll find these new colors sprinkled all around. Look for Pebble, Cima, Silk Cloud, and Lunar in the lace weight corner, Reed and Staccato in fingering weight cubbies, Twig and Fern in the sport weight section, and Rain hanging on the DK tree.

See you at the shop!

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