Hello, Araucania Ruca.

This drop stitch scarf, lent to us by Amy, has been getting a lot of attention since we put it up at the shop a few weeks ago. Like Nancy’s Kauni shawl, it wont be at the shop forever, so I thought I’d document it here on the blog.

The yarn is Araucania Ruca, a dk-weight yarn made of 100% sugarcane fiber, and it’s a particularly good match for the pattern. Plant fibers like sugarcane, bamboo, and cotton all lack elasticity, giving them a tendency to stretch out of shape. For some projects, that would be a disadvantage to account for by changing needle size or even adding an elastic thread, but for a drop stitch scarf, it’s a perfect fit. The elongated stitches of the seafoam stitch pattern drape beautifully in a plant fiber.
Amy’s scarf has gotten a lot of knitters interested in the Ruca yarn, so we ordered a few new colors to give aspiring drop stitch scarf makers more options. We were disappointed to discover that Araucania no longer produces the same colorway that Amy used, but we got two similar colorways for those that want the same look. 
Take a look at the Ruca when you’re seeking a smooth, shiny plant fiber, and if you’d like to make a drop stitch scarf of your own, you can download the pattern for free on Ravelry. See you at the shop!


  1. ChaiKnuckles on said:

    >Julia, thanks for featuring my scarf. I loved working with the Ruca yarn, and I especially liked the drape of the finished project. The yarn has a nice, pleasant weight. If anyone is looking for the pattern, you can find it for free on Ravelry. Search on "drop stitch." Your photos are lovely! Amy

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