Dream in Color.

Two new yarns arrived at the shop this week from Dream In Color, a Chicago-based producer of hand-dyed yarns. We’ve had their Classy yarn, a washable worsted weight wool that I’ve written about here on the blog before, as well as their fingering- and lace-weight wools, which are named Smooshy and Baby, respectively. This week, we got a Smooshy upgrade: eight colors of Smooshy With Cashmere, which boasts 400 yards and 20% cashmere content. This yarn is a real treat for the hands, a smooshier Smooshy.

We also received six colors of a new lace-weight yarn from Dream in Color called It’s Native, so-called because the wool and mohair fiber it’s made of is grown, spun, and dyed in the United States. Anne makes sure that we offer yarns manufactured in the U.S. whenever possible, and it’s great to see more and more of them show up at the shop. It’s Native comes in generous skeins, too: 1000 yards can get you through a lace shawl, several scarves, or an entire Whisper Cardigan
Check out these two latest offerings from Dream in Color next time you’re seeking fingering-or lace-weight yarns. See you at the shop!


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