Bergere de France Berlaine, on sale!

If you’ve been to the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, you’re probably already familiar with the sale trunk.

Just in front of the desk, a trunk overflows with discounted yarns. The contents of the trunk are ever-changing, and this week, we added something new: Bergere de France Berlaine, a dk weight superwash wool.

Most of the yarns in the sale trunk are dwindling in quantity, with only a handful of skeins in any one color. Not so for Berlaine–if there’s not enough for your project in the trunk, just ask us for more, and we’ll gladly check our stash in the back room. We may even have sweater quantities of this lovely stuff in a few colors, depending on the sweater. The machine-washability of this yarn makes it particularly well suited to children’s things, or the kinds of accessories that sometimes need to be thrown into the wash. Dig into the sale trunk, folks! There’s plenty of good, inexpensive yarn waiting there.

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