Lavishea lotion bars.

In midsummer, with the promise of new fall yarns still months away, the tide of shipments recedes. We’re not getting boxes of yarn in the mail every day, as we do in other seasons. Instead, we are preparing for the rush of shipments that is not so far away. We put all of our yarn on sale, to help make room for what’s coming. We make the best of what space we have, carving out a cubby here and there for our newest acquisitions.

Occasionally, though, we get a little something new.

This week, it was a little box of Lavishea lotion bars, sweet-smelling and adorable in their round tins. Not your average hand lotions, these bars are rubbed onto the hands as if they were soap–but without adding water. They’re made to moisturize without leaving a greasy residue, allowing you to get right back to your crochet or knitting project without mucking up your fiber. A nice little indulgence to tuck into your knitting bag, or a kind gift for a friend. Try one out and see what you think.