Colorwork, crochet, lace, and children’s things: the newest books.

We recently received a shipment of new books from publisher Leisure Arts. This handful of new booklets covers so many techniques and projects that most could be tempted by one or two.


These two collections from designer Kathleen Taylor are perfect not only for those who love colorwork, but also for those who haven’t yet attempted the technique. The patterns are lovely, but perhaps even better are Taylor’s words of knitterly wisdom regarding gauge, steeking, and color theory for stranded colorwork.


Avid sock-knitters will be happy to see that Taylor covers lace socks, as well. This booklet gives good guidance on sock construction as well as lace patterning, so a knitter who hasn’t tackled either of those techniques can feel emboldened to try.


These two booklets focus on knitting for babies and young children. Baby Beanies, as you might guess, is all about hats: a perfect baby shower gift that is quick to knit. Fair Isle Flower Garden, on the other hand, has more intricate patterns for sweaters, dresses, and accessories, all in colorful fair isle.


For crocheters, here’s a collection of stitch patterns for Tunisian crochet compact enough to fit in a project bag. Stitch dictionaries of any kind can be the key to creating your own designs; this one can also assist in reading Tunisian crochet charts.


Look for these on the teacart, where we collect the latest in magazines and books. See you at the shop!

All You Knit is Love Trunk Show.

Another Isager Trunk Show has arrived, a few weeks earlier than expected.

We have four tiny garments on display, selections from Susie Haumann’s collection of knits for babies from 0-18 months, All You Knit is Love. Each one is made with Isager yarns, from Tvinni to Alpaca 1 and 2, sometimes held singly, sometimes doubly, for a bigger gauge.

Even if you’re not in a tiny-sweater-knitting mood, the All You Knit is Love Trunk Show is a must-see (and must-touch!) for anyone interested in working with Isager yarns. It’s always hard to tell what will happen to the colors and textures of two yarns knit together. Will the colors blend together, or will one strand stand out from another? If you hold Alpaca 1 together with Highland, do you feel the fuzzy alpaca or the sturdy wool in the finished fabric? Seeing garments made in these yarns, especially those that combine yarns, can give you a better sense of how these yarns work together after they’ve been knit up, washed, and blocked.

Come by soon to see these sweet little knits for yourself!

Northern Knits: Gifts.

A new book arrived a couple of weeks ago that immediately caught Anne’s eye.

It’s no surprise–Northern Knits: Gifts is filled with three things that often catch her eye. Is there colorwork? Yes. Fine, lightweight yarns? Indeed. Something to knit for babies?

Oh, yes! Anne is making three of these little hats for her three little grandbabies, using an armful of colors in Cascade 220 Fingering.

It’s perfectly well-behaved in this stranded colorwork pattern, sturdy and warm, but softer after washing. As she knits, Anne keeps pausing to exclaim, “I’m having so much fun!” And she must be, because the first hat is done, and the second is nearly there, too.

Come by to flip through Northern Knits: Gifts and admire this sweet baby hat before it leaves the shop to be worn by a sweet baby. See you there!

All You Knit is Love.

Another new pattern booklet featuring Isager yarns has arrived–Susie Haumann’s All You Knit is Love has landed on the teacart at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop.

All You Knit is Love is filled with simple, classic designs for babies ages 0-18 months.

Some are made with Isager yarns held singly, and some have you hold two strands together to achieve a bigger gauge.

You can look forward to a Trunk Show featuring finished garments from Haumann’s collection in November. Until then, come by the shop to see the Amimono 3 and Hanne Falkenberg Trunk Shows as well as our growing collection of Isager pattern books. See you at the shop!

New colors in Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted!

When we first discovered Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted in May, this smooth, soft, washable merino yarn came in just seven colors. We’re happy to announce that we’ve just received a shipment from Ewe Ewe containing five new colors for fall!

There are now 12 gorgeous colors to choose from, some bold, some soft, some bright, and some neutral. I couldn’t help but think of more color combinations for the Boston Whaler Baby Hat, a quick colorwork project that has become a favorite at the shop.

Anne has taught three classes on this hat so far, and we’ve sold out of the pattern over and over again. We’re happy to have the pattern back in stock and to have so many more color choices in the yarn. Come by the shop to take a look and plan your next project with Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted!

Another round of show and tell.

It was another great week for show and tell at the shop. So many knitters and crocheters came in with finished projects to share.

Petra came in wearing a hand-knit top and shrug, proving that it is indeed possible to wear hand-knit garments in even the hottest weather when lightweight plant fiber yarns are used. A beautiful ensemble!

Laura brought in a finished Faraway, So Close shawl to show off, fresh from Katherine’s class on the same project. Laura’s shawl is made with Malabrigo Silky Merino and edged with Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool, both of which are dk weight single ply yarns with great luster and drape.

Anne had some show and tell this week, too. She made this cute wool soaker for her new granddaughter, Willa, who is pictured wearing a Boston Whaler Hat in Ella Rae Bamboo & Silk yarn. (The hat has been such a hit that Anne has already taught two classes on it, and we’ve scheduled a third to begin Sunday, August 12th–read more about the Boston Whaler Baby Hat class and register on our website!) For the soaker, Anne used Briggs & Little Sport yarn, with a strand of pink and a strand of white held together.

Thanks for sharing your completed projects with us! It’s such fun to see what everyone’s stitching. See you at the shop.

Berroco Touche.

Here’s another Berroco yarn that we have on sale this week: Touche.

Touche is a machine-washable, worsted weight blend of cotton and rayon. It’s soft and squishy, with a bit more elasticity than one usually expects from plant fibers, making it quite pleasant to knit with. It’s softness and easy care make it perfect for baby things, like this simple baby hat. I made it with one skein of Touche this week, and it took only a few hours. The pattern is the Super Simple Hat Calculator, a free pattern that gives instructions for a variety of sizes and gauges. This means that whatever yarn you choose can successfully become a hat with the help of the Super Simple Hat Calculator. This means that we turn to the Super Simple Hat Calculator again and again and again.

Touche and many other Berroco yarns are 25% off until Sunday the 10th, which, as I write this, is tomorrow, so come by soon to shop Week 2 of our Going-to-Market sale! Many of these Berroco yarns were quite affordable to begin with, making them irresistibly inexpensive at 25% off. Between the free pattern and the sale yarn, you could be knitting this baby hat for less than four dollars. Irresistible, no? See you at the shop!


Just a reminder–all sales are final on sale items; there can be no exchanges, no returns, nor will we special order. Thanks!


A new book, recommended by a friend, has arrived at the shop.

Wearwithall is a collection of patterns by the people at The Yarnery, a yarn shop in Saint Paul, MN. The book has a nice range of projects, including hats, socks, sweaters for babies and children as well as adults, and an eye-catching striped stole.

This stole, designed by Theresa Gaffey, is made from the exquisite Isager Alpaca 2 yarn, a fingering weight blend of wool and alpaca. It’s construction is simple, letting the brightest colors from the muted Isager palette do the talking.

Take a closer look at Wearwithall next time you’re in the shop. Be sure to visit the Alpaca 2 as well, and as you do, just imagine curling up in a cozy Alpaca 2 stole. Hard to resist, no?

Hello, Ewe Ewe.

Once again, Clara Parkes inspired us with a recent Knitter’s Review. She never fails to peak our interest. Sometimes it’s a tool, sometimes a book–this time, it’s yarn, from a new company called Ewe Ewe.

Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Washable is a squishy, soft yarn which is well described by its alliterative name. With 95 yards of machine-washable merino wool in each 50 gram ball, Wooly Worsted Washable is an excellent choice for accessories and baby things.

The color palette is limited but vibrant, and the pattern support makes good use of it in stripes and colorwork.

This yarn is a pleasure to knit with, with brilliant stitch definition and a springy texture. “It knits itself,” Anne has often remarked since Ewe Ewe’s arrival, and she should know. This baby hat was completed in less than 24 hours, with enough yarn left over to make another with the colors inverted.

Come by the shop to pet Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted Washable, and remember it for baby- and gift-knitting. Find it on the teacart, and find Ewe Ewe patterns in our recently reorganized pattern binders.

60 More Quick Baby Knits.

60 More Quick Baby Knits is the latest collection of patterns for the popular Cascade yarns, focusing this time on Cascade 220 Superwash Sport, a lightweight washable merino wool.  

60 More Quick Baby Knits is well described by its simple title; inside, you’ll find everything baby: sweaters, booties, onesies, hats, blankets, sleep sacks, and more. There’s a nice variety of patterns, as you might expect in a group as big as 60, from simple texture patterns to cables, lace, and colorwork. Something for every knitter with a baby project in mind.

Find it on the shelf with all our baby books. See you at the shop!