Market awaits.

Anne, Rosi, and I are getting ready for our annual trip to Market. The National Needle-Arts Association holds an annual conference and trade show every year, an event that came a little earlier than usual this year. TNNA is where we do the majority of our fall and winter yarn ordering for the shop, and where we look out for exciting new products and project ideas. We also take classes, both in technique and in business, and we come home even more inspired than usual to be in the business of yarn. The shop will be closed from Thursday, May 1st – Monday, May 5th, and will reopen at our usual business hours on Tuesday, May 6th. Til then, I’ll leave you with this little teaser: the first six shades of a brand-new-to-HYS yarn have arrived.


More on that when we return on Tuesday. In the meantime, keep your eye on the blog for updates from Market!

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