Headed home.

Sunday was another long day of walking up and down the aisles here at TNNA, talking to vendors, and placing orders. We’d spent Saturday night swatching new yarns to see how we liked them, and oh, how we loved them! Though we didn’t get much sleep, by Sunday morning, we were ready to pick out colors and invite these new yarns to the shop.

Along the way, we ran into one of our heroes, Clara Parkes, a writer, designer, and expert reviewer of all things fiber. We told her how very many times we’ve followed her lead on new products and yarn, like Titus and the Lilly Brush, and thanked her for all that she does.

We were a little star struck.

It’s been an incredible trip, and meeting Clara Parkes was the cherry on top. Now we’re heading home to the shop, which will be open Tuesday morning, as usual. See you there!


  1. Tressa in NC on said:

    How exciting! I want to go to TNNA – please let me be a shop employee so I can go !!! Clara Parkes is one of the people I follow, too, because she has a good sense of yarn and willingly shares it with the rest of us. Can hardly wait to see what new yarns are coming to the shop!

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