Show and tell: big projects.

Every finished project comes with a sense of accomplishment, but bigger projects, which tend to take longer and use more yarn, can bring us perhaps an even greater sense of satisfaction. Here are some of the larger-scale projects we’ve seen at the shop lately.


Leslie came in the other day wearing her “Teegan” sweater, knit in Fibre Company Knightsbridge. The color she chose flatters her as well as the stitch pattern, and looks great paired with the ever-popular “Honey Cowl.”


Paula knit this “Amsterdam” sweater for her husband, using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool XL. Paying careful attention to her stitch and row gauge, she modified it so that it would fit her husband perfectly, measuring against and improving upon an existing sweater that fit him well.


Alissa recently came in wearing her “Mia Cardi,” which she knit in Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK. The simple stockinette and garter stitch design shows off this special yarn so well!


Eileen knit this extraordinary blanket with three shades of Plymouth Galway, using Barbara Walker’s Learn to Knit Afghan Book, which has patterns for 63 different knit blocks. When one of her squares came out a few inches wider than she expected, Eileen boldly trimmed it by steeking, a clever fix.


A hearty thanks to all the fiber artists who start their projects here and share their work with us! We love to see our yarns grow up into finished pieces, and are so inspired by the work you do. See you at the shop!


  1. I am so very impressed! Very well done everybody…what inspiration as the warmer months approach. What a great time to start a bigger project for the all too soon cooler months, Y’all ROCK!

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