Ruffle Scarf. Etc.

I’ve written before about our shop swatches. While some swatches are just little samplers with garter, stockinette, rib, and seed stitch, others take the form of actual garments.

Nordstrom Knock-Off Scarf.
They’re always pretty simple, patterns that let the yarn do most of the work, are easily memorized, and quickly explained. Lately, though, we’ve begun to write them up.

Haze Kerchief.

Too often, I’ve found myself scribbling instructions for these projects on a post-it, or the back of a receipt. And while these patterns don’t require much more information than a post-it could convey, a carefully written and clearly printed pattern is preferable, wouldn’t you agree? If you’re inspired enough by one of our swatch/samples to want to recreate it, you deserve a pattern. And now, for most, there is a pattern that we’ll be happy to hand over, free when you buy the yarn.

Ruffle Scarf.

For the Ruffle Scarf, there is not only a pattern, but an upcoming class. Suitable for a beginner knitter, ready to take a step up from their first garter stitch scarf, the Ruffle Scarf class is a one-time evening class, taking place on Wednesday, June 15th. Take a look at the description on the website and sign up if you’re interested!

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