More new single patterns.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some new additions to our binders of single patterns. The shop is full of books and magazines, which often get more attention than these humble white binders. But the binders are the place to turn when you want to make a shawl without investing in a book of shawl patterns, an economical way to choose your next project. We like to freshen up the binders every once in a while, adding new patterns and replacing those that have sold. Last week, we added a bunch of new single patterns to the binders, mostly from the Fibre Company.


We first started stocking yarn and patterns from the Fibre Company last fall, after discovering them at market in June. Right now, we stock their DK weight Acadia, a luscious blend of merino wool, alpaca, and silk. Not all of these patterns call for Acadia, but rest assured, you’ll find plenty of lovely yarns at HYS that are suitable for these patterns. As long as the yarn you’re substituting can get the gauge the pattern suggests, you’re ready to cast on, even if it’s not the yarn the pattern calls for.



We’re delighted to see more Fibre Company designs in our binders, and looking forward to seeing them again this June to look at their other yarns.


We also got a handful of new patterns from Swedish Yarns, to go with two new colors of the washable aran weight Raggi. Yes, there are all kinds of interesting things lurking in the binders–from shawls to sweaters to slippers. Come by the shop to take a look!


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