New notions and old favorites from Cocoknits.

Cocoknits notions have been a hit here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. We’ve sold out and reordered the Knitter’s Keep and all manner of stitch markers again and again since they first arrived in November. I’m happy to report that once again, we’ve restocked our favorite Cocoknits products, so come by if you’ve been anxious to upgrade your collection of useful and beautiful knitting gadgets.

IMG_1344We have a couple of new Cocoknits products along with the old favorites, and chief among them is this row counter. It’s designed to work with the Knitter’s Keep, a silicone slap bracelet with a magnetic face, keeping your tools close at hand as you knit.


The Knitter’s Keep kit comes with nickel-plated accessories that attach to the magnet, including stitch markers, cable needles, and darning needles. One of our knitting friends calls it the “KnitBit.”


Also new-to-the-shop is the revamped Knitter’s Block, a set of square blocking tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces. This set now comes with more tiles and T-pins than before, which is handy for blocking bigger projects, and a new “‘Check’ your Gauge” cloth, woven with 1″ squares for easy measuring as you block.


Some or all of these gadgets will surely come in handy somewhere along your stitching journey, and their pretty presentation makes them gift-worthy, as well. Look for Cocoknits notions by the front window here at the shop!


  1. Gwen Marco-Baxter on said:

    Hi, Happy Easter!!! I meant to grab a Cocoknits row counter yesterday while I was in the store. I don’t know if you are out, I didn’t see them or it just slipped my mind. Is there any way you can mail me one and I send you my credit card number? I can send it via regular email or on this web site. Or you can just get it from the charge slip from yesterday, which ever is easier for you. I realize that you will not be open again until Tuesday, which is fine. Please let me know, I will want to change my mailing address for the package. So the idiot carrier can deliver it instead of the thief stealing it at the Post Office. Not many people have such great choices!!! Thank you and please have a Happy Easter and a great Monday off!!!

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