Lumos Knitting Light.

Lumos Knitting Lights were by far the most popular gift item here at HYS this holiday season – we reordered them again and again! Now that they’re back in stock for the fourth time, I figured it was time for a proper introduction here on the blog.

A friend and avid knitter recommended these to us years ago – she swears by them for comfort and clarity, an endorsement that resonated when a wholesale opportunity came up. When our first shipment of Lumos Knitting Lights arrived at the shop, Anne and I each purchased two – an endorsement of our own!

This gadget sits comfortably around the neck and shines directly onto your work, be it knitting, crochet, hand quilting, or embroidery. The Lumos Knitting Light is flexible and easy to adjust, with three color temperatures and dimmer.

Look for them in our notions section here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop!

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