Lavender sachets.

We are often asked how best to store yarn and woolens so that moths aren’t tempted to chew them up. Our stashes, whether¬†of shiny new skeins or well-loved hand-knit sweaters, are precious, and a moth infestation would be distressing, indeed.¬†Clean woolens stored in air-tight containers are safest from moths; cedar and lavender are sweet-smelling moth-deterrents, and it’s wise to store your yarn and finished garments with one or both.


With this in mind, we’ve put together some simple lavender sachets, which are now available at the shop. The bags are cotton muslin, made in the USA, and the dried lavender inside is organically grown in France.


Tuck one in your cedar chest with your sweaters, nestle one into your yarn wherever it’s stored, or include one with a special shawl to be gifted. Many of us also include a small bottle of Eucalan with such handmade gifts–it’s a thoughtful way to be sure that your hard work is well cared for.


Pick up a couple of lavender sachets next time you’re at the shop, and protect your stash naturally.

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