Caring for finished garments.

We are often asked how to care for finished garments. Once you spend your money on good quality yarn and then spend your time crafting something special out of it, it follows that you want to keep it looking and feeling good for as long as possible. Eucalan and Sweater Stones are two products that can help you to do so, and we’ve just replenished our supply of both.


Eucalan is a no-rinse delicate cleanser that is perfect for hand-washing finished knits. It’s enriched with lanolin, which conditions natural fibers, and doesn’t need to be rinsed out, saving time and water. Eucalan comes in five scents: eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, unscented, and Wrapture, which is scented with essential oil of jasmine.


All are pleasant-smelling, and eucalyptus and lavender have the added bonus of discouraging moths, especially important for washing woolens. You’ll need only a teaspoon at a time, so a small bottle goes a long way. Myself, I have a large bottle of Lavender Eucalan at the ready for washing hand-knit socks and sweaters.


We also carry these pocket-sized Eucalan wipes, for spot-cleaning when you’re out and about.


The Sweater Stone is a tool for removing pills from finished knits. It’s a rough, brick-shaped, pumice-like stone that removes pills from knitted fabric by rubbing it across the finished piece.


Come by the shop not only to select the fibers you work with, but also to get the tools and information you need to care for your finished pieces. A handmade garment, if carefully washed and stored, should last a long, long time. Washing with Eucalan and de-pilling with a Sweater Stone can help keep your finished pieces clean and neat.

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