Knitter’s Pride Cubics.

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circulars have been a huge hit. We hadn’t even received our complete order when it was time to reorder sizes we had already sold out of. I’ve not yet tried them myself, but the positive feedback I’m hearing suggests pointy points, smooth joins, and flexible cables: all good qualities to find in circular needles. This time when we reordered them, Anne decided to try out their single and double pointed needles as well. The double points aren’t quite here yet, but if it’s straight needles you like, take a look at these Knitter’s Pride Cubics!

Like the Dreamz circulars, the Cubics straight needles are made from laminated birch. While they lack the rainbow of colors that Dreamz circulars boast, they have the advantage of a square shape, which is reportedly easier on the hands than your average needle. Try them out and tell us what you think!


  1. Kathleen Crapse on said:

    Tried one of the cubic needles and realized that after an evening of knitting with the cubic needle, my hands were more relaxed than usual. Now, I’m looking for a set of interchangeable cubics.

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