Back in stock: Knitter’s Pride needles.

Our Annual Inventory Sale left us with some big holes in our supply of Knitter’s Pride needles, so it was with great relief that I unpacked an absolutely enormous shipment of needles this past week. Now they’re all here: circular and double pointed Dreamz, Cubics, and Karbonz needles. We even got a set of the new Karbonz interchangeable circular needles, which boasts the smallest interchangeable needle points we’ve seen yet, with a range from US #2.5 – #10.


All three needle types have different qualities, which make them better suited to some tasks than others. Every knitter seems to have a favorite or two, usually depending upon what kind of yarn or project they’re using it for. The right tool can make a huge difference in the process of knitting. Sometimes it’s the difference between frustration and joy, or the difference between giving up and finishing a project.


We’re always happy to hear knitters’ feedback on different needle types, as it helps us to advise other knitters as they’re choosing the right needles for any given fiber or project. What are your favorite needles, and why?

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