New from Lantern Moon.

Every so often, we place an order with Lantern Moon, a company that supports artisans in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bali, Indonesia. Their handcrafted tools and accessories are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, perfectly suited to knitters and crocheters, who seem to love their tools along with their craft. This order brought rice baskets, silk project bags, elegant scissors, and one special stand-up caddy.


It was the caddy that brought this order on, a special request from a young woman hoping to replace her mother’s broken knitting caddy as a holiday gift. We’re always happy to fulfill special orders when we can, and this was no exception; we ordered an extra caddy in case it was someone else’s perfect gift, too.



Look for these and other Lantern Moon goodies by the front window of the shop, amongst the needle cases, project bags, and notions. See you there!

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