What’s that hanging in our front window, red and shiny near the top?

Why, it’s a Namaste Mini Messenger bag, one of the five colors we just got in at the shop. Come inside and see them up close.

Namaste bags are made from animal-friendly faux-leather, and lined with a soft microsuede made from recycled plastic bottles. The Mini Messenger bag and the Cali Zuma are roomy and well-pocketed enough to serve as knitting bags, but also sturdy and attractive enough to serve as a purse.

We’re so excited to offer these bags, which are totally unlike any bags we’ve stocked before. It looks like we’re not alone in our excitement, either–Namaste has a 1,784-person fan club on Ravelry! Come to the shop to take a closer look, and tell us what you think.

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