Goknit project bags.

We replenished our supply of Goknit project bags this week at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. These colorful, lightweight drawstring bags have been favorites for both practical and aesthetic purposes. They look so appealing all together, in fact, that we put them right up on the wall.

We have two sizes available, the better to accommodate the range of projects that we knitters and crocheters tote around. The smaller Goknit pouch is just right for a hat or a pair of socks, and the larger will comfortably hold sweaters-to-be.

Either of these bags would make a nice gift for a knitter, as the need for places to store works in progress is unending. Paired, perhaps, with a gift certificate to the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, I can think of no more welcome present this holiday season.

Come by the shop to pick up a Goknit project bag for a friend or for yourself.

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