The Koigu Collector’s Club: Ballet.

The Koigu Collector’s Club continues! Each month, we’ll receive 21 skeins of KPPPM in a limited edition color dyed especially for a select group of local yarn stores that carry Koigu.

Ballet is the most solid shade we’ve yet seen from Koigu, whose skeins are normally streaked and speckled with all kinds of colors.

This gently variegated pinkish purple shade is perfect for rendering more intricate stitch patterns than variegated yarn usually allows. Think Caitlin Hunter’s “Tegna” (which would require 5 – 8 skeins of KPPPM), Isabell Kraemer’s “Kyler” (7 skeins), or Melanie Berg’s “Qwist Hat” (2 skeins).

We’re happy to ship these pretty skeins directly to you while our storefront is temporarily closed – email us if you’d like to place an order!


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