New from West Yorkshire Spinners: Robin.

Each year, British yarn company West Yorkshire Spinners creates a special holiday colorway in their Signature 4ply sock yarn, and this year we’re expecting three. The first of the bunch has arrived – meet Robin!

Signature 4ply is West Yorkshire Spinners’ self-patterning sock yarn, composed of machine-washable bluefaced leicester wool and nylon, for strength. These colorful skeins are dyed in such a way that the yarn creates a color pattern when you knit it in a small width or circumference, such as a scarf, pair of socks or mitts. No matter what stitch pattern you use, colorwork comes out as you knit, entertaining you as you knit even the simplest of projects.

Robin flew in with three complementary solid colors, drawing some of the more prominent shades out of this autumnal colorway – bright red, pumpkin orange, and slate gray.

As I unpacked these new colors, I admired how versatile they are, how well they pair with other shades of WYS Signature 4ply beyond Robin.

How to use the self-patterning skeins along with the solid ones? Trim your patterned socks with solid cuffs, heels, and toes. WYS is offering just such a pattern for free with each purchase of Robin – ask us for a copy when you pick up a skein!

Look for WYS Signature 4ply in our fingering weight section here at the shop!


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