Katia Fabula.

A lot of days at the yarn shop begin with a box. 
This one arrived last Tuesday. Our UPS guy dropped it off in the back room where we could spread out its contents and find space to store them. 
Inside, I found a few replacement bags of Noro Silk Garden Sock in colors whose numbers have been dwindling, and beneath that, something new: three bags of Fabula, a superwash, super-bulky merino yarn by Katia. Fabula is not entirely new to us. Indeed, it first showed up several weeks ago but never made it out of the back room before it was sold out; the first few people that saw it simply had to have it, and so Anne reordered it the same day it arrived. 

This time, Fabula has lasted long enough to find its way into a display, sitting atop the sock books.
The thickness and softness of this washable yarn makes it perfect for accessories, as many knitters have shown–Fabula’s Ravelry page is full of cozy-looking hats, cowls, and mittens. Our own Jodie has already begun a ruffly scarf in a rich red and purple colorway and is making quick progress.
Come by the shop to admire this new addition, and consider Fabula the next time you need to knit a hat in a hurry. 


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