Hello, Tweed Silk Cloud.

Back in November, a new yarn from Shibui arrived without nearly the fanfare it deserved. Today I’m here to shine a light on it – meet Tweed Silk Cloud!

Tweed Silk Cloud is a luxurious lace weight yarn with the same fiber content as Shibui’s beloved Silk Cloud – mohair and silk – but the ratio is flipped for more silk than mohair. The result is an even more lustrous yarn, with extra drape and tweedy flecks.

Each 25 gram skein has 191 yards, and is composed of 65% silk and 35% mohair. Most patterns I’ve seen for Tweed Silk Cloud combine it with another yarn for a heavier fabric and larger gauge, but not all – here are four ideas for using it solo:

Beautiful things can happen when it’s paired with another yarn – here are a few ideas:

Look for Tweed Silk Cloud in our lace weight section here at the shop, and check out our full range of Shibui yarns while you’re here!


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