Hello, Shibui.

We are excited to announce that we now carry three yarns from Shibui, a Portland-based yarn company that is known for their fine natural fiber yarns and their unique color palette. Many of their yarns are lace or fingering weight, and designed to be knit on their own or held together, using two or three strands at a time to make bespoke yarn blends.


We chose three yarns to bring into the shop this fall: Silk Cloud, a fuzzy blend of mohair and silk; Cima, a tightly plied blend of alpaca and merino; and their newest yarn, Pebble, a tweedy blend of silk, merino, and cashmere.


All three are lace weight, and can be combined in many ways and at many gauges in garments and accessories alike.


Shibui yarns are dyed in coordinating colors, so that two different yarns in the same colors can be combined to create a solid color.






Visiting Shibui’s booth at TNNA this past June, we were struck by the rich colors, interesting textures, high quality fibers, and stylish designs.



We have sample copies of Shibui’s Mix patterns at the shop; they’re all available as Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales, so when you buy them from us, we’ll print a copy for you and save a digital copy in your email or Ravelry library.


Come by the shop to see these Shibui yarns for yourself, and to flip through the Shibui Mix patterns, lookbooks, and flashcards that suggest different yarn combinations with gauge and needle sizes. We are so excited about all things Shibui–keep an eye out for more from Shibui soon!


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