Hello, Berroco Ultra Wool.

Last week brought a new yarn to our shop. Meet Berroco Ultra Wool!

Berroco Ultra Wool is a worsted weight superwash wool, one of the few that suggests “tumble dry low” rather than “lay flat to dry.” That makes it a truly easy-care yarn, perfect for baby and children’s garments, blankets, and everday accessories.

Each 100 gram ball boasts 219 yards, already wound into a center-pull skein, no less. I was pleased to find that the center-pull end is neatly tucked into the label, so you don’t have to reach into the depths of the skein to fumble for it.

We got 23 shades of Ultra Wool to start with, aided in our selection by a knitter, crocheter, and quilter with an affection and aptitude for working with bright colors. She hurried in to pick out a basket full of Ultra Wool when it arrived here at the shop, and is planning a crocheted granny-stripe blanket with it – I can’t wait to see it in progress!

I made two swatches with Ultra Wool, one knit and one crocheted. Wanting to give those considering this yarn a good sense of what to expect from it, I machine-washed those swatches in a zippered mesh bag, then threw them in the drier for while, pulling them out before they were fully dry. They’d fuzzed up a little, but I’m pleased with the result – look for them in the Ultra Wool cubby and see what you think.

Thinking of Purl Soho’s “Super Easy Baby Blanket,” I began putting 7-color combinations together as I unpacked the yarn.


There are so many possibilities! For other colorful blanket ideas, check out the suggestions on this HYS blog post about Berroco Modern Cotton, and for other things to do with worsted weight yarn, look to our Pinterest board on that subject. See you at the shop!

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