Hello, ArtYarns.

Perhaps you recognize this basket of soft, shiny yarns.

That’s our stash of ArtYarns, some of the most indulgent skeins in the shop. The sheen of silk, the halo of mohair, and the sparkle of beads and sequins all conspire to create a glamorous yarn, a treat for the hands as well as the eyes. Although one skein is small, it’s enough to create a little kerchief, just as Anne knit up in white. When you’re considering treating yourself to a skein of ArtYarns Beaded Silk and Mohair, take a look at the sample to get a sense of how much fabric can come from one skein.

One of the new things Anne ordered for the shop this fall came from ArtYarns: kits with enough smooth, soft, and sparkly yarn to create a knit or crochet shawl.

You’ll find them just beneath the ArtYarns basket, by the desk. Come by the shop to take a closer look.

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