Back in stock: Malabrigo.

Two enormous boxes of Malabrigo yarn arrived at the shop last week, big enough to fill the table in the classroom.


I cut open those behemoths and sorted the yarn by type, stacking colorful bags of Rios, Arroyo, Sock, and Mechita. Before tucking them away in storage, I pulled one skein of each new color to be sure that every available shade is represented in our various Malabrigo cubbies throughout the shop.


Sock and Mechita are the stars of this particular Malabrigo order, with 17 bags of each yarn. Both are fingering weight, superwash merino yarns hand-dyed in those memorable Malabrigo colorways; the difference is just that Sock is plied and Mechita is a single-ply.


Above is our Malabrigo Sock cubby, full again at last.


Here’s our current selection of Mechita, a particularly photogenic bunch of skeins. I spotted some colorways that have never before been seen at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, and look forward to seeing how they look when they’re knit or crocheted into fabric.


Look for Malabrigo Sock and Mechita in the fingering weight section, where you’ll also find Malabrigo Finito and Mora. Come by to pick up a skein or two for your next project!

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