Akerworks Yarn Caddy.

Meet our newest gadget: the Akerworks Yarn Caddy, a go-anywhere tool for holding your working yarn!

This yarn-holding spindle comes from Akerworks in Knoxville, TN, the good people who brought us the clever and popular Swatch Gauge. The Yarn Caddy is lightweight and portable, featuring a suction cup base and a gadget on the top regulating the yarn’s tension.

It comes disassembled, a little mesh bag with the Flat Pack Yarn Caddy pieces and a SimpleKate on the side. While it’s easy to assemble, it doesn’t come with instructions, so I took a few pictures while I was putting it together; click on the photos below for a full view.

Look for our display Akerworks Yarn Caddy in the center of the front room at the shop, and ask us if you’d like one of your own – we store them in the back room.

See you at the shop!