Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

We recently ordered some knitterly notions from Nancy’s Knit Knacks, filling in where supplies had dwindled.


The WPI Tool Kit is a clever gadget for measuring the number of wraps-per-inch of any given yarn.


This is a handy way to estimate the gauge of an unlabeled yarn, or determine if one yarn may be substituted for another. In this way, it’s useful for spinners, knitters, and crocheters; for weavers, it can help determine the sett of a woven fabric.


Each WPI Tool comes with a Wraps Per Inch Knit-Kard, explaining how to use the tool and how to interpret the WPI you measure.


We also replenished our supply of DP WIP Tubes, for secure storage of works-in-progress on double-pointed needles.


This Perfect Notion Case is new for the Hillsborough Yarn Shop; it has 6 compartments to hold your stitch markers, point protectors, cable needles, and other small notions.


Come by the shop for all the notions you need to get organized and make the most of your projects. See you there!