Back in stock: Wool Trees.

We’re so happy to see a little forest of Wool Trees back on our shelves! These elegant yarn-ball controllers are handcrafted in California from maple, walnut, and sapele.


Wool Tree Mill makes a few variations on its original Wool Tree, as well. Here’s the tray model, with storage for your stitch markers, cable needle, point protectors, measuring tape–whatever bits and pieces sit beside you as you stitch. (Shown with a delicious skein of String Theory Caper Sock, sold separately.)


We also stock other products from Wool Tree Mill, including drop spindles and lucets. We’re happy to special-order Wool Tree Mill products that we don’t regularly stock, like the Wool Tree Double, with two spindles: perfect for two-color knitting. Come by the shop to see our selection of Wool Trees and other notions!

Back in stock: Wool Trees.

Back in December, holiday gift-shoppers wiped out our supply of Wool Trees. I’m happy to report that we now have them back on our shelves, in both maple and walnut.


These handsome, hand-crafted yarn-ball controllers are exactly the kind of small luxury that one might deny oneself, which makes them perfect gifts. Remember Wool Trees when you’re shopping for the-knitter-who-has-everything, and if that knitter is you, please remember to treat yourself.


We also stock other products from the California-based Wool Tree Mill, including drop spindles and lucets. Come by the shop to see them all!

Wool Tree Mill.

Knowing that there was new roving coming from Malabrigo, we thought that new drop spindles were in order, as well. We went to market in June looking for a source for beautiful wooden drop spindles and found it in Wool Tree Mill.


Wool Tree Mill is a family-run business out of California, and all of their products are handcrafted from hardwoods for fiber artists. Their drop spindles are made of walnut, and we ordered them in two sizes, medium and large.


Wool Tree Mill’s drop spindles are designed to be used in either a high-whorl or low-whorl position, according to the spinner’s preference and purpose.


We also picked up a couple of Wool Trees, the signature Wool Tree Mill yarn-ball controller. “A ball of yarn can be naughty,” so says their website. “It will jump to the floor and play with the cat or tangle up everything in your yarn basket or tie itself in knots.” So true! The Wool Tree is made to hold your naughty ball of yarn, and turns easily so that the yarn is dispensed as it’s needed. Seeing these in use at market, we were drawn to the Wool Trees not only for their useful function, but their beautiful, simple design.


They come in maple and walnut; ours is maple. Right now, we have a skein of Swans Island Organic Washable DK on the Tree. Come by the shop to sit awhile and try the yarn and the Tree, both equally lovely.


We don’t have any Wool Trees in stock at the moment, but we’ve just reordered them; let us know if you’d like us to hold one for you!



Look for the drop spindles by the roving in the front room. See you at the shop!